It is May already, can you believe it?
How quick has this year gone? Five months gone, which means we only have 5 months until the warmer months are upon us.

NUMBER ONE MISTAKE that everyone makes- waiting until summer to get started on their summer body! Too many people make the mistake of getting started on your summer body far to late.

Before my career in fitness I would always leave it too late, before I knew it summer came around and I was only just getting started on the body I wanted. and dreamed of. Although i knew i needed to get started a lot sooner i lacked the motivation to get started when i should and was always a good 6 months late...

Although it would be nice unfortunately starting to get in shape for your summer body a month before summer is not quite possible. With less than 30 weeks left until summer if you lose a very achievable 500 grams a week which means you could lose a whopping 15 kilos before summer. Although right now it seems impossible to imagine warmer days with the chilling rain and winter upon us right now is the best time to get into shape and get that beach body you have always dreamed of.

Whether you have a wedding coming up, whether you are just turning 18 or just turning 50, have a summer holiday coming up or if you are like me and absolutely love the beach and the warm weather and getting rid of that horrible pasty skin winter brings us and your desperate to feel the nice heat from the natural sun that brings a golden tan to our skin. We all would love to be in the best possible shape and have that nice chiseled tanned body we see in the magazines. Well start now and you might just get there!

Here are some tips to get you motivated and to help you get there faster

- Set your background to your phone or laptop to a nice summer beach photo- this will remind you of what you are working your butt off for.
-  Grab a friend or a family member to get motivated with, it is a lot easier when you have someone by your side to keep you accountable, honest and motivated.
- Drink plenty of water, water helps significantly with fat loss.
- Get a gym membership, if you are in a gym you are in an environment where everyone is in the same mindset and have the same motivations as you, in my experience surrounding myself with like minded people make it a hell of a lot easier to get things done and keep me on my toes.
- Set a reachable goal and do not let your self down, whether it is losing 500 grams a week, or lifting 2.5 kilos heavier with correct form or running that 5 kilometres quicker GET IT DONE, YOU CAN DO IT!
- Work out your daily routine and make sure you fit least 30 minutes of exercise in there every day! Although we all love cuddling up in front of the heater and drinking hot chocolate this will NOT get you that body you dream of!
- Follow your favourite athletes or role models on social media, generally following these role models with great bodies will keep you aware and give you something to keep grinding for.
- Commit to strength training - this will help turn flab into nice lean muscle.
- Don’t let life get in the way, It’s so easy to think of reasons to get your self out of exercising, but every excuse is a set back, and every setback will delay you from getting that body you dream of.

Think about how happy and confident you will feel when your strolling down the beach with your shirt off or your favourite bikini on, enjoy this summer more then you did last year, and the best way to do that is by feeling confident and happy and proud of your self, and the only way to do that is by working your butt off now, working hard, breaking bad habits and training like you've never trained before, because if you do this by the time summer comes around, you will feel sensational and you can have the best summer of your life with the best body of your life!

Thank you for reading,
I hope there is some helpful information which is helpful to getting you started on that great summer body!

Ruben Meeuwissen - Personal trainer and fitness consultant