Cameron Wyke – Canning Vale

Meet our personal trainersCameron Wyke – Canning Vale

My life is invested in Health & Fitness and nothing makes me happier than job satisfaction. I’ve been super unhealthy in the past as a construction worker, so I understand the struggles, the motives, the highs & the lows. I’ve tried and tested many different methods and have been taught by some of the best in the bizz. Through a change of mind-set and the right coaching I now know how to design a healthy lifestyle on my own terms.

My number one purpose in life is to work with people who have tried this whole health & fitness thing before though haven’t quite got to where they want to be yet. To pull people out of a plateau, pick them back up and guide them towards achieving sustainable results. I’ve figured out the “dos and don’ts” in regard to body transformations but it doesn’t stop there. In this game you must be willing to constantly learn, if there’s a new “Do” I’m going to learn about it, if there’s a new “don’t” you can guarantee I’m going to learn about that too. My aim is to always stay at least 3 steps ahead to be able to coach in the most efficient way possible.

My favorite training style is to keep it simple, focus on what’s important and what is going to deliver the best possible results, i.e. Barbells and Macros baby! I love a good Push/Pull/Legs or Upper-Lower split. I love to Squat, Bench and Dead and if it isn’t backed by science I don’t wanna know about it.

My philosophy is there is no quick fix! You have to be willing to make this a lifestyle. I do not believe in weight loss, I believe in FAT LOSS, I hate the thought of losing muscle.

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