I first sought out Personal training in an effort to try get motivation to feel better about my appearance as my favourite hobbies of clothes and shopping wasn’t fun anymore. Nothing looked good on and never felt comfortable! It took a couple of weeks for myself to get into it properly as I had to make an effort with eating habits and not just exercise.

Each week Izzy has taught me something new and each week she helps me test my limits to prove I can do it even with my back injury. I complain almost every session but she never gives up on me. Learning how to actually do weights correctly is the best part as I found doing cardio for long periods of time very boring.

I love my one on one training sessions and can honestly say it is worth every single cent! I look forward to each week & each training session!

-Brooke Coleman

Brooke lived the party lifestyle with naughty food and alcohol, before having a gorgeous baby boy. Over 10 months and together as a team we have smashed her fitness through the roof, losing a whopping 17kg and 19cm off her waist.*

– Izzy Beeston, Roar Fitness 247 Personal Trainer