“I first started training CrossFit with Clint at the beginning of November 2013. My initial goal was to increase my core strength and general fitness to hopefully reduce some of the lower back pain that I have constantly experienced over the years.

Over the last few months Clint has taught me a great deal and really helped me see what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it.

When I first started I could barely lift the 15kg barbell off the rack and could only do a few push ups on my knees before I would be in pain. Now I can lift 30-40kg in a range of different movements, can do push ups on my toes and can even do unassisted pull ups! My core strength has also improved significantly in turn decreasing my level of back pain.

Weight loss was never really a huge goal of mine; I just wanted to be fitter and healthier, however I definitely wasn’t going to complain when I had to buy new clothes because everything was too big! I’ve lost around 6kgs, dropped 8% body fat and gained a hell of a lot of muscle, but not in the bulky kind of way!

The CrossFit lifestyle was one that I was never really aware of, but one that I could now probably not live without. I have made some amazing friends and everyone is so supportive and encouraging and basically now like family.

I’ve learnt so much from Clint about health and fitness and also about myself, would definitely recommend it to everyone and all fitness levels!”*

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*individual results may vary