In January this year I was at 40% body fat. I had spent 2 years on a prescribed steroid due to a medical condition which contributed to a weight gain of 20kgs.After 4 years of FIFO I had finally landed the dream job in Perth and knew it was time to start getting fit after getting the medical condition under control. It was not an easy journey at the start, but Izzy and the Team at Roar Fitness made me feel nothing short of welcome. After a session with Izzy I was completely inspired and there was nothing getting in my way. I work 12 hour shifts including day and night shift and refuse to use that as an excuse not to train. I have lost 12 kgs in 8 months purely from training and and eating foods recommended for my blood type and I am now setting goals I never thought possible. This is just the beginning!!

Personal Trainer: Izzy Beeston