1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and why did you start?
Three years ago I never would have thought about myself and CrossFit in the same sentence. To be honest I didn’t even know what CrossFit was. After looking through photos of a recent holiday I knew I needed to make a change. I joined a gym but hitting the cardio equipment wasn’t helping me – I wasn’t excited, I wasn’t getting anywhere and due to a hip issue I found that kind of workout caused a lot of pain. I was lucky enough to start training with Clint who showed me what was possible by focusing on mobility and correct technique. After experiencing the positive results of CrossFit the rest is history.

2. How has CrossFit helped you?
CrossFit has completely changed my whole outlook on what it means to be fit and healthy. I no longer feel obligated to fit in exercise every day with the purpose of losing weight. Now I look forward to training to practice a skill, hit that lift or beat my previous time in the WOD.

3. What do you like the most about CrossFit?
Confidence. The realisation that even if it seems hard you are capable of getting the work done. The muscles are a pretty good bonus too.

4. What do you like about RFX CrossFit Facilities and Coaches?
By its very nature, CrossFit requires constantly varied exercise. Not only are our classes programmed and posted online daily, RFX has all the equipment available. Plus their 24/7 access means you can do CrossFit anytime. The coaches are pretty awesome too. When I first started training with Clint, I was not able to complete a push up on my knees or even a body weight squat. Through coaching and creative programing I have learnt to ‘do the best I can with what I have’ and can now squat above my body weight.

5. How do you find the RFX Community?
The CrossFit Community in general is an amazing thing. It is a support network connected by double unders, thrusters and wallballs. No one else quite understands the sense of achievement you feel when you get a new personal best or RX your first workout. The crew at RFX will push you when you want to stop, give you confidence when you are unsure and basically inspire the best in you. Simply put, we train hard and have an awesome time doing it.

6. What would you say to new member who may be scared or intimidated to start CrossFit?
CrossFit is what you make it. Under supervision of the experienced coaches at RFX you can choose the weight and intensity of your workout. Everyone is super supportive and there is no judgement. We all started somewhere.

7. Would you ever train any other way?
Since CrossFit builds strength and endurance I am now able to take my newfound fitness outdoors and go for a run around the river or conquer a team obstacle course (things I would never have considered possible before). Yet irrespective of what challenge I may be preparing for I will always train CrossFit.