Lauren another one of my bikini comp girls from the INBA North West Titles 2015. Lauren was quite the challenge as she lacked motivation at the start and was very new to lifting weights plus she had lower back pain. With only 12 weeks to get her ready for the stage Lauren had to be really strict with her diet and carbs were not her friend so I wrote her a ketosis style diet and slowly increased the intensity of her training as she grew stronger. In just 12 short weeks her results were amazing! Starting weight of 65.4kgs at 33% body fat then hitting the stage 12 weeks later at 58kgs at 17% body fat. Thats a loss of 16% body fat and loss of 7.4kgs but a 4.2kg gain in muscle! She gained more than muscle though now her back is pain free and she is stronger and healthier than ever.