Illness no barrier to greatness for Letty Courtney Fowler October 11, 2015, 7:08 pm

Less than two years since Letty McEwan was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the Karratha athlete has overcome chronic illness to compete in the International Natural Body Building Association’s Australian Championships in Canberra. McEwan was the only WA representative to receive a podium finish over the weekend, placing fifth overall in the Bikini category. Her journey to the Nationals only began three months ago, when McEwan was entered into the INBA North West titles by her personal trainer and placed first in two categories of the Bikini competition. She then experienced overwhelming success in the State titles in Perth, placing third overall against experienced body builders who had many years of experience over the INBA novice. McEwan said before February she had never been inside a gym but it was a flare up with her illness that prompted her to make drastic changes to her lifestyle. “Two years ago I had a benign tumor on my pituitary gland removed in France and received the all clear,” she said. “But shortly after moving in Australia the doctor’s discovered the tumor wasn’t all gone and it began to make me sick again because my hormones were all over the place. “As it was too dangerous to operate on, I was left with two choices: wait for it to make me really ill again or do something to help my body and fight the tumor. “And that’s how my journey to the INBA championships began.” McEwan said her fitness regime at Life and Soul Gym in Karratha had transformed her life. “I am living without medication at the moment and it’s because of the gym,” she said. “It’s been a mental thing as well; competing has brought me confidence and made me feel better within myself. “That’s why I don’t want to stop – I love winning of course but I know it makes my health better. “It’s just an addiction now.” McEwan said after returning from the Nationals, she would complete a course to become a Personal Trainer. “I have a few good people supporting me, my PT Alex Mickiewicz has moved to Perth but still sends me my meal and work outs and I train with Trinity Fredericks in Karratha who is just amazing,” she said. “I am working towards becoming a PT at the gym so I can also help people and will continue to compete. “I’m working towards the fitness category next year.”

Alex Mickiewicz
Personal Trainer