Marija came to me wanting to compete in the INBA North West Titles. With 20 weeks to prepare we had our work cut out for us as Marija was very new to the weights room, previously preferring RPM and group fitness classes. Also Marija had substantial lower back problems from a previous injury and hadn’t fully recovered. With a customised meal and training plan Marija achieved her goal of competing and did better than she could ever amagine. Not only did she just compete but she won two bikini division and placed second in the third division, not bad for a first competition!! Besides all the trophies Marija has never been fitter or stronger than now! Her back no longer causes her any pain and she can squat and deadlift like a champion! Starting weight was 67kgs at 27% body fat. 20 weeks later Marija hit the stage at 59 kgs and was a lean 14.5% body fat transforming her body into a bikini champion!