Tips To Help Boost Confidence At The Gym

BlogTips To Help Boost Confidence At The Gym
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We all know going to the gym can be a daunting experience. With the heavy weightlifters, or the professional runners tearing it up on the treadmill, or just the lack of knowledge of how to use each piece of equipment; it is can be intimidating and discouraging. That being said, building up confidence inside the gym can revolutionise your fitness, as the gym has an abundance of tools and support, that when used correctly, can enhance your experience and results like no other location can!

Building up your confidence at the gym will help you find excitement with each gym visit, rather than hesitation. That is why we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help BOOST your confidence so you can smash your fitness goals inside the gym walls!

Walk In Prepared/ Do Your Research- A moment we, unfortunately, can all relate to at the gym is standing around not knowing where to go or what equipment to use next. Your mind instantly races to “everyone is watching me”, and you feel clueless and helpless as you pace around looking for anything that seems familiar. This moment can be banished if you prepare yourself prior to walking through the gym doors. Have a complete plan before you get there, and write down each step, including reps, sets, etc. You can find hundreds of video examples of workouts and check out each exercise you want to complete beforehand, so you are know what the movements feel and look like and you aren’t learning on the go.

Ask for help- Even with the hundreds of video demos online for different workouts, it can still be difficult to know if you are positioning yourself correctly, or even how to use equipment. This lack of knowledge can be discouraging, especially for beginners. In moments like that, it is vital to ask for help! Staff is there to make sure you know what you are doing and getting the best out of your workout. In addition, a staff member can give you a tour of the gym and what how to use each piece of equipment. Always ask if you are unsure, as everyone wants you to get the best out of your time at the gym!

Dress The Part- Like the old saying goes, if you want to feel good, then look good! That same rule applies to the gym. Make sure you wear clothes that you not only feel comfortable in, but confident in. Many people walk into the gym wearing old baggy clothes, and for many, this can seriously hinder your exercise experience, as it gives you another reason to feel like everyone is staring at you.  When you dress confidently, you feel confident.

Consistency- When you go to the gym once or twice a month, each visit seems like the first one. You haven’t been there in a while and you lose familiarity with the gym surroundings. However, when you find a consistent routine, you will feel more confidently navigating and knowing your way around. In addition, you’ll become more immersed in the community of the gym, and feel like you belong more. Finding a consistent routine as well will dramatically help with your results, you need to make fitness a habit in order to see the results you want!

Bring A Friend- Having a friend by your side can make you feel more secure in your surroundings and yourself. Find the right friend that is interested in fitness and has a similar goal in mind. Working out side by side can dramatically increase your momentum, as you want to keep up with one another, and offers another arm of support. A friend as well can spot you and make sure you are positioned correctly, and offer up different workouts that perhaps you’ve never tried. Make sure it is the right friend, as bringing the wrong friend can turn against you, as you might find yourself chatting the entire time rather than working out!

Avoid Peak Hours- If these tips still aren’t enough for you, then perhaps the best plan of attack is to avoid peak hours. Luckily for our members, Roar Fitness is open 24/7, therefore there is ample opportunity to find those quieter times.

The gym is built for YOU! We want you to accomplish all your fitness goals, and when used correctly the gym can revolutionise your life! Don’t let lack of confidence hold you back, follow these tips to help you find excitement with coming to the gym, rather than hesitation!