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Our specialised classes

Les Mills Classes

Les Mills group classes allow participants to draw from the energy of others and share achievements while cycling, dancing or boxing among other activities. ROAR FITNESS offers a Les Mills workout at all of our facilities.

Swimming Classes

From the young to the old, we facilitate group swimming lessons. Learn more by contacting a friendly consultant today or step into the facility closest to you.

Functional Fitness

Familiarise yourself with the fastest growing fitness regime in WA by taking our free trial today. Functional Fitness is a full body workout that will have you looking and feeling great in no time.

Yoga Classes

The astounding benefits of yoga are now well-known and documented, providing participants with both physical and mental relief. ROAR FITNESS has a variety of yoga classes facilitated by qualified instructors.

HIIT Classes

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is quick, intense bursts of exercise. Included in the activities are short, somewhat active recovery periods that keep your heart rate up. HIIT offers great results by burning more fat in less time, making it a must-do for people looking to lose weight.

Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness is an exciting alternative to solo exercise, leading to new friendships that motivate actual results. We've designed a schedule that encompasses a wide variety of group training classes including yoga, swimming, Les Mills exercises and even kids classes.

Kids Fitness Classes

ROAR KIDS is an excellent way for your kid to get active, maintain their fitness and ensure physical development! Our group-based fitness program helps introduces a healthy life-long exercise habit for your kid to thrive; and all within a motivating, fun and supportive environment. Only $5 for non-members. Ages 5-10 years old.

Pole Fitness Classes

As active contributors to a more exciting world of fitness, we offer specialised pole fitness classes that put the fun back into training. Whether it's your first time on the pole or you're a veteran, join us for some stimulating, laughter-filled exercises.

Roar Defence Academy

The ROAR Defense Academy is a great way to learn the basics of self-defence while getting fit. Bring the family along as you gear up for the fundamentals of one-on-one combat used to protect yourself when in danger.